So you're thinking of hosting a Women on the Move monthly event?

This information page is designed to provide you all you need to know to host a successful function.

If after reading the information, you remain interested in hosting an event, please answer the questionnaire to help us schedule your event.

Membership of Women on the Move is not required to host a function, however in the event of two businesses wishing the same month, first preference will be offered to the business which is a member. If you would like to become a member of Women on the Move, membership is $25, and forms are available from the Join Us page of this website.

Why host an event?

Promoting your business to other members helps to showcase what you have to offer and gives you a unique opportunity to promote what you do. By hosting an event your marketing can expand outwards to each member’s own personal/professional network in the Toowoomba Community. Word-of-mouth is often an effective but underused marketing tool in the technological age.

According to marketing research, women are the key household decision-makers. When it comes to deciding on major home purchases, managing household finances, and other decisions, women are very much involved and often are in charge. That same research found that:
    •    in 43 percent of couples, it is the woman who makes more decisions at home;
    •    in 31 percent of couples decision-making is equally divided; and
    •    in only 26 percent of couples do men make more of the decisions.

When you add the households where women make more decisions with those where women are equally involved, you find that in 74 percent of homes women are fully engaged in what that household will buy and from whom. That's a lot of decision making power held by our members
By hosting an event, you’ll also help us raise money for a Toowoomba charity. In 2012/13, monies raised at Women on the Move events support Toowoomba women's refuge: Ozcare Manna House, which supports women who have experienced domestic abuse.

When are events held?

Our Networking events are held on the second Wednesday of the month.

You will be contacted by a member of our committee approximately two weeks before the event to ensure preparations are running smoothly. That said, we are a volunteer committee so if this doesn’t happen please contact us with any queries.

You can contact the committee at or via our our Facebook page. You can also post reminders about your event to the Facebook page. Some of the committee have previously hosted a networking function and may be able to provide you with helpful hints and/or some feedback.

What you need to provide:

  • Light Supper. A mixture of sandwiches, cheese & fruit platters, and hot finger food. We also suggest
    some Gluten Free and Vegetarian options. Please cater for approximately 30 people; there will
    generally be enough for all who attend.

  • Drinks. A selection of wines and soft drink.

  • Raffle Prize. Raffle funds are provided to our annual charity.

What does WOTM provide?

  • We will send out details of the event to all women on our database and promote the event.

  • On the evening we will greet guests at door and provide them with name tags and collect business cards for the raffle.

  • We will provide and sell the raffle tickets.

  • We will provide an MC to introduce host’s spokesperson.


  • 5:30pm - Guests will arrive. Women on the Move will have committee members on hand to meet/greet attendees as well as promote the raffle tickets and go through any housekeeping issues for the organisation.

  • 6:15pm - Women on the Move will provide an MC and introduce the spokesperson for this month's host.

  • 6:20pm - The Spokesperson will provide a brief introduction and description of their business.

  • 6:30pm - Raffle will be drawn.